Who Are we

What we offer our community

We are here to advance the kingdom through a variety of services that offer support, wisdom, fellowship, and healing to our community. For our mental health program, we look at our clients in a holistic view of body, mind, spirit, and relationship. Everything that we offer is set up to provide support and hope by revealing Christ. We aim to relieve suffering and encourage personal growth.

We strive to encourage and teach the young ladies in our community through our LOP program. Our goal is to do our part to build up confidence and teach life skills to our youth.

Founded by Clemetra Larry in 2021, who is a certified mental health coach and has experience in youth ministry, we are set on connecting with others in the community to bring about the best opportunities for our clients and mentees.

This program is completely funded by donors to ensure that every person needing our services can receive them regardless of financial status. Click the Funding button below to learn how you can donate to this organization.


Mental Health Coaching

We offer a few professional services that help you come to a place of wholeness and healing. Our coach(es) are certified and maintain continuing education credit to keep up with the last in mental health. 

Youth outreach

Stay tuned for the start of our outreach program. 


Prayer is a must! We are praying for our community through different joint ventures with our community leaders. On One Accord One Kingdom One Agenda. Stay tuned for details.