Thank you for your interest in our coaching and counseling program. Our aim with the mental health coaching program is to is to reach out to those who are in need of mental health services but would not normally seek to receive such services. Those who are not aware of what mental health is, and those who lack the resources to receive mental health services.

Mental health complications are on the rise and so many people are not receiving the help or counseling that they need due to a variety of different roadblocks. OKOA seeks to remove those roadblocks and become a bridge between the client and the mental health attention that they need.

As most metal health entities are focused on the past and root cause of mental health complications, we are able to focus on independence, long term support, provide love, advocate, and growth. We help to create plans and goals, and connect with outside resources to provide the best opportunity for growth and development. We focus on strengths and build from there. We offer a platform for life plans, advanced help when needed, and continuum of care.

If you are in need of services or would just like to find out more, Click on the button below to access the Prospective Patient form.




Accreditation and continuing education complete through the American Association of Christian Counselors. 


1 on 1 

Patients are currently accepted upon referral only. As funds become more available, more patients will be accepted


Small group

Stay tuned for small groups dates and focus topics.

refferal program

As OKOA does not handle severe mental health illness, patients will be referred out to mental health counselors as needed. Funding will be supplied for those who qualify.